Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Just one more flight up . . . .

I heard myself saying this to friends, family & delivery folk who were helping me move into my new abode, whether they were carrying up boxes, tables, books, lamps, clobber or just themselves. A fourth floor penthouse (attic flat) is my new residence on the sunny South Coast.

The only thing I had in mind when starting to kit out this place was the the kit would all be pre 1960's. The best find of the lot, thanks to Amber at Decades Of Design,  was the 1950's Harrods, green leather Chesterfield. I was simply  anxiety ridden for a whole week before it was delivered as to whether it would actually fit up the four flights of stairs and round a couple of tight corners. Five strong men, actually four as I was one of them, managed in the end though!

So now settled in it's starting to feel like a home, the only things to add is art work for the whitewashed walls!

These are the most unused ornaments of the lot.

My much traeasured photo of myself with my eldest sister in '81 giving Princess Diana a rose on her leaving day at the local Kinderarten in St Georges Square SW1.

What is missing though sadly is a portrait of our monarch. Trawling through car boots, antique shops, charity shops, Ebay, Auction rooms not one has come up I like the look of. Must keep hunting.

As I write on this sunny Tuesday, apparently the riots are kicking orf once more in my beloved home town of London. Thankfully SW1, where my parents & sister still live has come out mostly unscathed but my thoughts & prayers are with all the boroughs & communities and locals all effected by the mindless stupidity.

How lucky I feel to have somewhere  where I call home, free from worry or even terror that some in this land are feeling at present.

Take care London Town and stick together. X