Monday, 30 August 2010

Pandora's Box Erotica & Flashes Of Mad Men

First off, great to see Christina Hendricks, " Joan " of  Mad Men on the front cover of British GQ! Also the article inside was ace, with a short interview with Jerry Della Famina  who wrote one of the cult texts that inspired Matthew Weiner to write Mad Men.

With season 4 still quite a wait away for us Brits, I've gone back through the first two series and am still blown away by each episode!

Fantastic imagery, slick writing viviidly showing the wild lives of  Advertising Agency employees at Sterling Cooper on Madison Avenue from the late 50's onwards.

Deciding now just a little into this post I'd love to just put up a few of my favourite shots from the past few series & if you haven't caught any of this series yet, shame on you! It's not to be missed, currently being repeated on Sunday evenings on BBBC 4.

Below, Don Draper, Creative Director

Roger Sterling, partner of Sterling & Cooper

Pete Campbell, Head of Accounts, though a thorn in Don's side.

Bettie Draper, Don's wife.

And of course Christina Hendrick as Joan Holloway, Office Manager at Sterling Cooper.

So back to our  " real world " on the South Coast, last night we were off to Bournemouths first Erotic, Fetish & Burlesque Festival. Before really inquiring what this event was all about I just thought that it's about time we got to a Burlesque night in town as there's bound to be some Vintage rags there!

As we arrived though, PVC and rubber were also added to the dress code! Oh well, we're here now let's see what it's all about! And see we did. Great live performances, of course with a Vintage feel, a saucy compere, fetish costumes that Dita Von Teese would've been proud of!

My camera only worked on certain shots, bbeing in Rubyz Cabaret Club the lighting was all spotlights and hard to focus  but here are a few attendees looking cool as  . . .

Lord Jason "The Barber" Bailey

The gorgeous & tallest Burlesque dancer of the night!
Signorina Messalina.

Great pair o' specs!

Vintage & demure Ruby Adams!

Warming up & getting sassy!

After the main show time for some Jiving! Something the girl & I have decide to take up soon at the local Pavillion Ballroom so watch this space!

And  below the cutest, sexiest and chicest of all on the night, "the girl"  Zozo Gabor!

Until more Burlesque, corsets 'n' stockings  Au Revoir!

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