Thursday, 26 August 2010

It Gets A Bit Barmy. . . . . . .23 May 2010

This week kicked off in the old town of New Milton. Lots of gossips in the cafes on Monday morning, mainly from elderly females, echoes of  " Oh there's Joany, look at her! She's got two handbags! What she need two for? An' she's driven here, she only lives two minutes away! Makes you wonder 'bout some people don't it?"

It certainly does ladies.

A quick look around one of my new favourite shops "Serendipity One" with lots on show including a 1950's cocktail cabinet complete with radio/record player inside. Being auctioned on Ebay though if I wanted to own one myself I had to start knocking on more doors fore more commission!

Just round the corner is Fagan's Menswear outlet. A timeless, if a little dated it has to be said, gentlemman's outfitters complete with all garments and accessories including Tootal pyjamas, silk Mod 1960's style scarves & Lloyd Atree & Smith dressing gowns.


Though unfortunately no Churches slippers to be found! However a great little shop one of only a few where personalised service is always present  & throws up nostalgic imagery of " Are You Being Served". Marvellous.

So as the knocking started in closes, driveways & long stretching avenues which evoked memories of American suburbia watching Kevin fromThe Wonder Years on Sunday nights in the 1980's riding his chopper over to Winnie's house were all  pleasant enough my week progressed there when a colleague came across a butterfly & quickly started trying to convince me it was very rare & worth a small fortune.  

Out with the net as Rodney & Del Boy had done? Anyone know their breeds of butterflys? Let us know if we missed a chance!

There was one gentleman I'd have loved to have talked to but wasn't at home either Tuesday or Wednesday, with my Jag stuck in his narrow driveway for a while I walked round to the back of his cottage where was what looked like . . . . . . .  a solar powered mower. (?)

Made from an elderly persons mobilty scooter. How and why? Was he currently waiting for a patent on it? Who knows but this
kind of British eccentricity is why I love meeting people who obviously have lots of stories to tell.

Other cheeery moments out of work included a best friend Harry ( H Dog ) Kemble modelling one of the girls new printed T shirts for her label "Love From Hetty & Dave". Lookin' goooooood H Dog!

With the weather hotting up & reaching the mid to high 20s what a cool week it was & looks set to continue into the next. Until I knock again . . . . . .

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