Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cool Caravans? 26 May 2010

"A caravan that's cool? Really? " I said to the girl as she returned from Brighton on Sunday evening excitedly raving on about the book " My Cool Caravan"  by Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon. Reluctantly opening it & getting ready  to raise my eyebrows, nod my head & acquiesce. After just a few pages though I did actually slow down once I seen classic 50's designs & kitsch interiors with both sober & elaborate patterns & colours. Without even reading a whole paragraph by the time I'#d flicked through to the back I had alarmingly blurted out " darling, we gotta ge' one of these!"

My life view of caravans before coming across this book was that they should all be lined up along a coastal cliff top, side by side & be shot at by Naval gunfire. Though now, the thought of spending a few days away, in a Vintage caravan with a wireless Bakelite radio, endless time to read and drink pots of Earl Grey long into summer evenings sounds bloody appealing. Obviously though, not on a caravan site. Somewhere off the beaten track across the English country side out of sight  and sound of all others would be cool.

My pick of the bunch from the book would either have to be The Jewel, from Portland Oregon which is towed by a '67 Mustang orthe SMV-10 who's stylish interior includes a 60's coffee table exaxtly the same as one I'm lucky to own myself!

Coming across images this morning of characters from the critically acclaimed series " Mad Men " my mind wandered back to wearing Vintage for work!

With my lovely new netbook purchased at the weekend all set up & ready to go & a few other modern bits added to our apartment recently everything was getting all a bit too odern for my liking!

So this morning for work out came my favourite silver cigarette case with the British Isles engraved on the front, a croc skin wallet with solid silver trim & also a Vintage leather mini brief case which just about fits thhe netbook in & a few other necessary bits perfectly.

Don't get me wrong, I do love technology but it would just feel wrong going out off to work with a couple of accessories which aren't mass produced.

With these in hand Vintagedoortodoor was off  to Ashurst near Southampton, where the day was sunny, quiet, ( with most people sunbathing in their back gardens ) but worth the trip as money was made & people were pleased!

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