Monday, 30 August 2010

A Dash for a Day ’Round London for Rags. July 14, 2010

I never need much of an excuse to visit home but when the excuse is “I need a new suit & I need it this week an’ all,” the only place to head to, quickly of course, is London.

With West from Portobello Road over to Brick Lane and then back into Soho having to be covered in a matter of hours, plus having to arrange coffee and lunch with friends and family, it wasn’t long out of the tube that I instantly became completely comfortable with walking at such a pace that  must  have looked like I’d a delicate medical condition & needed a private cubicle as soon as possible. 
First stop at Portobello Green was ” Adam Of  London “. A retail outlet specialising  in  Men’s suits, shirts, coats & ties, adhering to the design rules of London’s tailoring scene in 1963 ’64/’65.

Approaching the shop in the small arcade, my excitement grew at the sight of mohair, silk handkerchiefs and tab collar shirts on display. I was happy to know I was in the right place after the notice in the window caught my eye also!

Having been in despair at the UK high streets’ attempts on quality, well made & cut menswear for years, I’d been waiting to find an independant establishment with this attitude for far too long!

Once inside, meeting the staff, and Adam himself,  the owner & designer we were quickly on to patterns, wool blends, ticket pockets & side adjusters.  Nods of acceptance from the girl were immediate as the first all grey wool blend, 3 button jacket jacket was tried on.  The fit, after swapping  around and finally down a size soon felt spot on.

Trousers luckily  hung  at the perfect length, all standard with belt loops & side adjusters &  slanted  frog mouth pockets, which cause the trousers to have a clean, close fitting.

A  light brown mohair with cloth buttons was an instant favourite, though seemed a liitle too much for this weeks forthcoming interviews. The greys felt more suitable and hard wearing and my final choice  was a two piece, light grey with red, Prince Of Wales check.

Happy with my choice & time pushing on, it was over to the East, Chesire Street just off Brick Lane to the leather wholesalers. Stocking up on all needed colours and different skins for the girls designs for her chic label ” Love from Hetty & Dave”. 

Into Soho, shouting up a first floor open window on Berwick Street to friend & mentor Nicholas Lynn, aka Nick The Tailor. Quickly catching up on cloth, websites & extortionate mobile phone companies. Onto Kingly Court the girls friend, a fashion editor at Vogue then skipping through the rain to St. Martins Lane for a late lunch with my Mum!  Then a ponder upto Monmouth St. & a browse in Pop Boutique. 

It was time to head back to Victoria & home to the South Coast. 
A lovely day of dash ’round old Londinium.

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