Monday, 30 August 2010

British Summer Style 11 July 2010

“It’ll be a hot one this weekend, so take it easy and don’t knacker yourself out” said Mum, on Friday, it was and I didn’t. Easing ourselves into Saturday morning we headed to Southbourne where the girl has two new stockists for her wonderful designs at Coastal Creatives then on to The Southbourne Barbers – Tattoo Parour, for a trim and to see owners Tammy and Jason.


An uber cool couple with a love of fashion and design from the ’20′s to the 50′s.


This is one establishment which is a “must visit” stop on anyones way travelling through on the South Coast or resident of Bournemouth!

A perfect start for any Vintage lover is some of their fine espresso, 1920′s Jazz sounds, a quick trim with a short back ‘n’ sides please or for the distinguished enough gentleman a full cut throat shave with hot towels. One of the very few true luxuries a man can still have these days!

As we headed into the heat and the afternoon it was back to the flat to get ourseves ready for Kate and Sam’s wedding. The hour and a half was enough time to test out our lovely new ( old ) DansettePortabe record player from the 60′s.

Stacking some 45s and  while Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald and some Tamla I coudn’t help but imagine how my excitement would’ve compared to a lucky teenagers who owned one the first ones when they were released in the early 1950′s by the Margolin family. At a price then of 33 guineas ( around £800 ) and a chance to listen to the music you wanted to, not your Mum or Dads’ , or to take the player round to your mates house must’ve seen the first ” teenagers” of Britain going bonkers and bursting at the seams anticipating the sounds that they coud delve into for hours at a time and let them live their own independant lifestyle. I was fairly excited, in comparison I must say once Ella’s voice came through.

For a summer time wedding reception in 30 degree heat, a crisp  white shirt, with Harry Fenton links, sky blue Merc trousers with 15″ bottoms and semi brogues were called for and pleased I didn’t have to break into a sweat with a suit, as some chose to!

The Bride and Grooms’ vowels and the short ceremony was perfect and I can’t remember ever being witness to a couples such evident public love for eachother.  Tissues were at hand, not for myself.  Though I may have been ready to grab someones’ off them at one point!

With Pimms for the girl all afternoon, mostly pints of them,  and sobriety for me. I waited to catch the first person to drop, arse ovet tit preferably, or some fracas which I was told is always to happen at a wedding. I waited, and waited. Until the speeches, and then it was my poor girls time to sit on a seat that had felt ” a lil’ bit rickity before ” to completely collapse leaving her on her derrier in front of 120 people, some standing to get  a better view and cries of  ” taxi for one!

It is important I’ve learnt, for a relationship to work and continuously grow, you have to make each other laugh and sometimes nearly make each other wet themselves.

To  laughter forever, summer weddings and rickity chairs.

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