Monday, 30 August 2010

The Delicate Subject of Man Bags. August 20, 2010

Man bags, shoulder bags, courier bags, even carrier bags ( as some do dare ) though never ever as handbags?  Well after quite a while for trying to source a decent bag to only hold the essentials, phone, fags & keys I decided that a wrist bag was the way forward.

There isn’t nearly enough of these on the market, bigger than a wallet and of course smaller than a case or holdall I find the size ideal for work and general everyday use, while still looking “manly” enough certainly not to be mistaken for a  purse!

These originally caught my eye when hanging out with Black Cab drivers at golf driving ranges in and around London in the mid 90′s. Though a few, like the one below, looking a tad “touristy” for my liking.


Wads of cash nicely placed inside silver money clips and loose change in tiny holders.

At the time  Paul Weller was spotted by a certain Noel Gallagher who quipped  ” what the fuck are you doing with that man bag?” to which his reply was ” I ain’t ruining the line of my suit for anybody mate”. Surely in regards to bulging one’s pockets with keys and wallets. Well said Paul.

Also noting that Samuel L. Jackson’s character Ordell Robbie in Jackie Brown was also using one again and again to pay bail bonds man their “lil thousan’ dollars”. If it’s cool enough for Samuel it’ll

I’ve owned a couple in the past but this time decided to make my own! With some help from the girl and her nifty sewing skills! Below is the fairly simple process I took.

Choose some scraps of leather from the missus’ stash.

Cut out the desired shape and iron on some vilene to the leather.

Choosing some patterned tie silk for the lining
 Tie silk sewn in & ready for the strap. This is where it’s handed to the girl to let her do her magic and voila!

Spot on for daily essentials.

Even the cool cat’s impressed with the Schnauzer wrist bag!

And of course gentleman these are now available to order from Vintagedoor2door in collaboration with “Love From Hetty & Dave”.  

Until next time when on the agenda could be ’50′s pin up tattoos!

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