Thursday, 26 August 2010

Right, 'ere we go . . . . . . .

While I've still got a few days left to my own devices and have stopped watching nonstop episodes of Mad Men for a bit, I'm trying, and failing miserably to " import " my Blog from Wordpress over to here. Seeing as I do have a bit of time and not too many blog posts I'm literally going to copy them word for word on here as "new posts". Get me being all tech savvy, being  completely ignorant to even copying & pasting!?!

Okey dokey, the first post, all short & sweet was on

May 15 2010.

The First Weekend, My Life As It Is.
From door to door, form here on in. Mostly on the South Coast of our island I'll try to include cool houses, people, events, products, cars, pets, films and characters that help me smile, laugh, grump & grouch weekly as I go from door to door.

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