Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Midweeks' Bits . . . .

Not a day after my last post when popping into the supermarket & passing the news stand I couldn't help but notice that on the front page of almost all the national rags were photos of the Mad Men girls on the red carpet at the Emmys & that the show had won 4 awards! Also flicking through & seeing double page spreads and predictions of this Autumns on trend look will be that of the early sixties. From the success of the show the BBC have decided to bring forward the airing of the 4th series on these isles for fear of too many people downloading it first! Coooolio!

So the theme continued today of the said trend that could be this Autumns' key look. While out this afternoon with the girl picking up records & rag I was notified by Modculture that there was an article in todays Times on Mods. They said it might be worth a look. Funny that, not worth buying but just a look. And I agreed when getting to the Fashion page was disappointed by the front page shot of a nice enough scoot but apalled by the so called  " Mod Targets" that were included.

That simply, IS NOT MOD, or what it's about. I may be being a little Vinatge snobby here myself  but so be it. I or no other present day Mod that I know would be seen dead within a hundred yards of that thing unless passing an RAF institute. Far too commercial looking & fancy dressish maybe as what is always paramount to Modernist values is the idea of individuality & not trying to look as though you're modelling for a recently released Northern Soul compilation being sold on QVC by an Apprentice type with more rabbit than Sainsbury's.  The article that followed didn't get much better with reference to Liam Gallaghers new label opening a store on Carnaby Street permmanently. I wouldn't be at all suprised if it were true that the shop staff there would be working in Boot Cut jeans. Oh dear Lord.

However I was pleasantly suprised to see a dear friend Natalie Hannah Barker had herself included looking razor sharp & understated in the spread & looked spot on with a great fitted Ben Sherman jacket on her beloved 1973 Vespa Primavera "Mabel". Great to see & so can comfortably still say " In Mod We Trust."

In the post today finally came " Front-Line Dispatches From The Advertising War" by Jerry Della Famina. Starting from his career in 1952 as a 16 year old delivery boy for Ruthrauff & Ryan on Madison Avenue. His writings were the main inspiration for the first series of Mad Men ( yep sorry back to that again ) & I'm sure this book will be finished by the weekend at the latest!

Lastly I forgot to include in the last post what I received from the girl when she returned from a weeks holiday in Lyme Regis was a pebble she'd picked up and hand painted us on,

 with our cat Jaques in a TV screen & on the back as a postcard!

Superb & how lucky I am to have such a gorge girl by my side! 


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