Wednesday, 11 May 2011

. . . . may I stay at yours for a bit . . . . ?

I don't like estate agents much. At all. Looking for a flat to reside in recently I found one which will suit, after trawling up & down stairs, through pokey corridors, smelly toilets, dirty shower rooms (not even bathrooms) & dismal entrance halls. I found the nice little place no less than three weeks ago. I've never known anyone to be as thorough with references as these Estate Agents. However the waiting is almost over, hopefully. Since then I have called in on two of my closest friends (they were when I moved in anyway) starting with " ah,can I stay at yours for a bit . . . ? No more than a week tops, probably".

This has been my home/bed since then.

Though it is a lovely 1950's couch, it's no comfy.

And having a house guest  can't all be fun, I know I'd struggle having one, even for a night. So many thanks to Mr Friedlander & Mr Kemble, though sometimes I think they don't even realise I'm there. 

Though, for these friends there have been a couple of benefits as having yours truly to stay. I do like things tidy. I love my clothes. I believe everyone should love there clothes. So I went & tidied up. In one particular bedroom, I couldn't see what colour the carpet was, for poor clothes, God forbid, being left on the floor, bed unmade. I heard somewhere that order is the virtue of mediocrity. If so then I am truly mediocre. The carpet became visible!

Socks were arranged, into "dress" & "leisure" & T Shirts rolled.

Towels folded, belts rolled & footwear arranged.

And, of course, shirts, tops & suits hung. I did honestly feel sorry for the poor whistle, with trousers creased flopping over a bowing plastic hanger. Tutut. Now hung on a wooden, with trousers pressed. Hurrah!

I love dressing spaces, a space to think about the day ahead & at the end of it to reflect. They're not really bedrooms to me. They're dressing rooms.

While I've been here, most of my clobber has been in storage so I haven't really been able to partake in Formal Friday as much as I'd have liked. Though happily, others have & the girls are pulling their weight also!

For a couple of weeks, the lovely Joanne Evans has been turned out fabulously!

Ruby Adams wonderfully elegant Fancy Friday

The very Vintage chic Jen.

The luscious Lisa Northover!

The wonderful Vintage Per Sempre owner, Leah Austen Rose.

Beautiful boutique What Alice Found owner Nick Grainger

Oh so chic Emily Fisher

And for the chaps, Deco owner Stuart Alexander.

Lord Jason The Barber Bailey

Luke Griffiths-Williams

And the Missus & I.

We can be found on Facebook under the group Formal Friday In Britain, the more the merrier so feel free to post your pics on that page if you decide to join the cause, rebelling against Dress Down Friday & going Formal instead. Hope to see you there!

Until I'm settled in to a nice new swanky pad, tada!


  1. Nice to hear youve found somewhere, moving is so traumatic. I have moved twice a year for 6 years and im in the process of going again. This time I WILL stay put!!
    I bet your friends will miss your organisiation, how super of you.
    nice to see you back online again xxx

  2. I would love to have you as a house guest, we could tidy up and organise together.
    Glad your in between abodes is almost over and I am sure it will have been worth all the process.
    Nice to see you back blogging.

  3. Looking good dandyman. Hipe you enjoy the trip up north.

  4. Love Joanne's style...tres chic!
    Fun blog...I'm a new follower!

  5. She certainly is! Thank you, and myself following Cashmere!