Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Mania Of Opening A Shop . . . . .

Quite a while has past since last writing and almost too much has happened, evolved & grown it's still a bit hard to believe myself. Early mornings & late nights became the norm  after the girl decided to open a shop under her label "Love From Hetty & Dave" & I rejoiced when we also  agreed to sell Vintage goods there as well! Woooplaaaahaaaahaaaaa!

After getting the keys & with 11 days of the opening night away, step ladders and old rags came out as the white emulsion hit the walls.

Soon though we were catching eachothers' glances and then shrieking " fuck! how ' we gonna fill this space?" Lots of trips to & fro from our flat, filling up a Nissan Micra all day long with bits and bobs we thought were cool would act as "fittings" & also getting up at 5am on Sundays to get 2 or 3 Car Boot sales in it wasn't long before the mania slowed to a " it might actually be alright hun ".

It probably all got done thanks to plenty of Earl Grey!

Oh God where's every thing gonna go? ! ?

Soon enough after raiding our flat, the recycling tip, car boots and Antiques Fayre's it started to look like a shop and with a lot help from the girls' sister who just loves " arranging stuff ". Praise the Lord hour by hour it all fell into place ! 

Here a few of The Dandy Man's bits and handmade goodies which are all up for grabs now!

 From selection of 60's cuff links, radios,  a 1966 World Cup  Football  ice bucket, a 1930's croc skin cigarette case and other trinkets to adorn yourself.

To a rare 1968 Raleigh scooter with only 1000 miles on the clock and all it's history!

And Amy herself modelling one of the girls' designs!

  I have to admit the best thing about it all now is we have a license to buy anything we like for either the flat or the shop & it'll probably be tricky to actually letting go of some much loved pieces but, the rent has to be paid I suppose.

So "Love From Hetty & Dave" the shop is here selling Handmade & Vintage Goods at 864 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth BH7 6DQ welcoming all who are passing through the South Coast town!

Shop lovings!

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