Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy Dandy New Year

Au revoir 2010, Salut MMXI! With a manic end to 2010 all done & dusted, a few highlights are still fresh.

At the beginning of December trawling through  the wonder/evil ( however you look at it ) that is Facebook, I came across a friends page who was sharing a link on Patrick Grant, who had recently been crowned British Menswear Designer Of The Year. The link was an article on "British Men Are Too Scruffy".

"If you wind the clock back even a decade people associated London with an archetypal image of a beautifully dressed man wearing a grey flannel suit and a bowler hat carrying an umbrella. It may be comic but it projected solidarity to the world and was a positive part of our national identity. Now people are made to feel awkward for being correctly attired." Patrick Grant.

Here here! I went on to leave a comment on Mr Grant's link, saying that his views were bang on the button and  Dress Up Fridays should be the norm here in the UK.

Amazingly, within a few minutes, Patrick Grant himself replied saying, Dress Up Friday? "Mr Schroeder, quite a brilliant idea!" So soon enough saying the idea will be pitched to The Sunday Times Style Magazine as one thing to watch out for in 2011!

I believe whole heartedly that the growth and acceptance of dress down Friday within the British workplace is appalling. The American influenced dress day does, some say even affect employees to slouch off and reduce productivity and have a lazy attitude, so much so that rightly, some City companies do not allow the "dress down thing" any longer! Thankfully

So, what a perfect British response will Dress Up Friday be! Ties, polished shoes, cuffs, silks, hats  whatever you wish, but be sure to make the effort & join Dress Up Friday In Britain! ( And yes we do have a page with that title you can "like" on Facebook  if you so wish. )  But do remember it was this Dandy who gave the British Dress Up Friday! ( Only if it takes off you understand ).

Other businesss was the Dandy Man continuing selling well at Love From Hetty & Dave and going live on Ebay under the ID of dandymancan. Smoking memorabilia is top of the list with charming accessories including Polo Cigarette cases, Ladies Enamel Powder Compact Cig case aswell as the many delightful cigarette dispenser from the 1920's through to the 60's and lighters.

A ladies 1950's copper cigarette case.

A 1920's Art Deco cigarette dispenser where the bird bows down, a drawer opens & picks the cig up in it's beak for you!

A 1940's Japanese cigarette ligher made in occupied Japan.

And for Retro lovers a collectable Coke can table lighter!

In terms of cloth, the Buy Of The Week would have to be this Vintage Military Jacket inn immaculate condition complete with buttons from  "Gaunt London"

This Dandy's New Year's resolution is to adhere to traditional values, write more blogs & Dress Up Fridays!


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