Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fashions Of Old & Queen Vic's Stamps

Chilly air & choppy waters, bundling into the girl's motor car for a "where shall we go today doll?".  Erm, Christchurch. Popping through this little town now and again on a week day for bit 'n' bobs before, but this  the first for a Sunday's stroll.  

So as we passed the Red House Museum we couldn't help ourselves but to go in & have a roam & a nose. An "oooh nice one" followed when at the turn of one corner we were greeted by this welcome.

Having for the last month or so been finding myself reading more & more about the immediate years following Queen Victoria's death, now I could see first hand what fabric this folk had on their backs.

                                            Formal Edwardian wear of Tops 'n' tails, laces & silks.

Below, uniforms from the end of World War I.

Below, decidedly comes inspiration for an item which has beeen long  overble collardue for myself, the detachable collar (of course with the added "collar bar") which makes a starring role in the upcoming Martin Scorcese's "Boardwalk Empire". Back to the '20's I say for this summer!

Someone really should put that Bow on straight & true!

Silhouettes that helped the 20's kick off with a  Roar!

A Noah's Ark apparently one of the only toys that were allowed to be played  with on a Sunday in the 1920's & 1930's, the girl said she would've played with them through 'til Monday if she'd had a set in the 80's.

An Edwardian miniature play zoo.

And a walk back toward the exit & back to a nod again to Queen Victoria in the form of the perfect stamp holder!

Are the 20's the way forward for this year?  Flappers, tailors arm bands, Big bands & Bow Ties.

A 1920's Art Deco Spring party may be up & coming Love From Hetty & Dave soon!

Let's hope so.

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