Sunday, 13 November 2011

Man Caves & Manctuarys

When I first heard this term, it did sound a little, well, American. And surprise surprise it is. "Man Caves" have taken off over the pond in the last few years what with celebrities such a s Johnny Depp, Nick Cage & Brad Pitt opting for not just one Man Cave at their properties, but 2 or 3.  Housing everything from Pool tables, flat screens, records, cds, & even motorbikes. 

Though these caves are nothing new. Great Men of the 20th Century had their own spaces. Churchill, Brando, Twain & Roosevelt, each styled theirs to their own specifaication stocked with items, acquisitions that inspire them & more importantly make them feel at home aswell as spaces to entertain their friends.

Mark Twain's Billiard Room.

1960's MC.

                                                  Theodore Roosevelts's "Trophy Room"

Having recently having to move apartments (again) due to a visit from Fire Inspectors deeming my previous abode unsafe. I've moved three doors down to 2 bedroom First Floor. In which I have more than enough space to swing my two new cats. The Spare Room just couldn't be called "the spare room". 

I wanted my influence to be a little warmer and of course British.

A Jermy St. Shirt Makers would be fine!

Though these MC are certainly nothing new & with thoughts of how to fill mine, flat screens & gadgets weren't too appealing to me. Being a lover of fabric & rag I would appropriately start to put together my own dressing room. There's still  lots of work to be done having only started it a week or o ago.  (The old blue carpet will be covered by rugs for a start) but it's well underway & starting to take shape.

Links, scarves, lighters, glasses,wallets, watches, rings, collar bars & tie pins all thankfully in one place.

Suit stands & seats for the cats.

Enough room  to dress & swing the cats, though not literally obviously.

In the end, designing the ultimate man room is about creating something that will work for you. My own will take many months to get where I want it to, mainly because sourcing items takes time if they're thing I really want & have to wait for them to turn up at auctions, boot sales or local Antique shops.  Figure out what pieces you want, and then be willing to wait to find them.  It definitely doesn’t mean walking into a furniture store and loading up the truck with the number of items that you need just because they were the first thing that you laid eyes on.

I've found myself spending more time in here reading & writing & hardly ever being in the front room watching TV anymore.

Long live the Man Cave (or Dressing Room) we say!


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  2. Looks as if you have all the right items for a ultimate mans room and that you are already enjoying it.