Sunday, 27 November 2011

To Take A Seat In A Sanctuary

I've recently learnt the space in which I dress can indeed affect how I dress.

I remember not too long ago, renting a room in a house. It was warm & cosy enough, though being fairly small in size I never felt there was much of an opportunity to really think about the day ahead and more importantly what items I would team together to make the look for that day, seem whole.

Luckily. now living in a flat with a spare room. I have ample space in the christened "Dressing Room" to plan ahead, to take time and think about what I can leave the house wearing.

I rise for work most days when it's still pitch black outside so recently have acquired a few Antique pots which have taken their place in there, most mornings it will only be to serve fresh black caffeine.

While moving into this flat a few  weeks back, I had to dismantle my veneered wardrobe. That meant of course, having to put it back together again. I realised I needed about 8 arms to stop  it toppling every 10 minutes. It was like playing a vertical game of Twister. To which I have found out, I am useless at. So the wardrobe split at a few corners & I thought, well I could do with the space anyway while launching it down the hallway.

The doors were still outside on the landing a few days ago, I took one & popped it on top of a couple of rails I have & now in the dressing room is a "centre piece", for which I have no name,(any suggestions would be welcomed) but which has become more than useful.

Being able to walk either side, jackets, trousers
& ties around the back. Shirts & boxes at the front with a suit stand at both ends.

It's much easier to navigate around while bleary eyed at 6.00am.

Caual Friday? Not really my tree.

It's now a fairly fun room. As getting yourself set up for the day should be. I now go to sleep looking forward to waking up a little bit more than usual, getting out to work & safe in the knowledge I won't really look as though I got dressed in the dark.

Of course it will evolve & the blue carpet shall be covered in time & lots of framed photos & prints to collect to adorn the walls to make it more homely.

Though from a mere spare room
 to Man Cave, to Dresing Room. All in a weekend. And all thanks to my complete inabilty to put a wardrobe back together again. Praise the Lord & In Mod We Trust.


  1. That is simply wonderful. Great job. I'm actually looking for something a bit like that myself, more of a valet stand.

  2. This is an impressive and enviable set-up. I'm a scent man myself so I couldn't help but think of a few gems that would do well adorning the dressing table: Eau Sauvage from Dior, Fougere Royale from Houbigant, a big bottle of Pour Un Homme by Caron. Any of these would do, along with a small bottle of Bay Rum.