Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Steal From Northampton,

Off into town this afternoon  to pick up a copy of The Chap magazine. On the ride home I decided to pop into two charity shops, which I'd already been in yesterday but the shops were half way up a hill so I thought I'd take a breather. A black pair of Oxford's caught my eye & glancing at the size, which was mine I swiftly tried one on. Remarkably comfortable from the outset I removed the price sticker from inside the heel to reveal the "Church's" - Custom Grade logo. I sheepishly looked around to see if anyone was, well, playing some sort of perverse joke. Not even trying the other one on, after quickly inspecting them & noting their good condition it felt as if I floated over to the cashier & handed over the princely  sum of £5.50!  My camera is currenly in hiding somewhere but these identical pair are on Ebay at present, in "used" condition also & have a Buy It Now price of £199.00.

After mounting the Vintage Racer outside the rest of the hill didn't seem uphill at all & I breezed home, with seemingly no effort at all. Grinning all the way.

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