Friday, 4 March 2011

Backwards from Modernism

Within the last few weeks a noticeable change has begun within myself & so shown itself in the daily attire  I choose to wear also. Simple changes with braces & newsboy caps.

I believe it's been happening since taking up pipe smoking, as a hobby of course.
The past few years have been dedicated to Mod, with a heightened sense for aesthetics which had leanings toward clean, straight, sharp lines, tailored fits & carried out in a precise way.

After attending a few events here on the south coast, the most memorable being Batastini's Retro Revival, a love for Big Band, '40's Lindy hopping & '50's jiving have swept across me & taken hold. With the guys at these events dressing let's say more "Gentlemanly" & "Grown Up",

Myself with the start of a 1950's pot belly.

 I had to admit that being Mod is & always has been a youth cult. At 32 it felt like time for change and to skip back a decade to 1950's Dandy perhaps.

The pipe smoking has begun & offers indescribably wonderful "time outs" during the afternoon & late at night to reflect on the days work & looking forward to tomorrow's.

My local Pipe Shop in Southbourne Bournemouth is nothing short of a haven for the dedicated smoker & upon enetering am overwhelmed by the aromas of assorted flavoured tobaccos.

The staff were more than happy to guide me around & advise me on the different kinds of tobacco, actual tips on Pipe Smoking & the tools I'd need to get ahead!

It feels like a place I'd be happy to spend a good half hour in every visit & which of course harps back to the days when Gentleman knew there Tobacconist on a friendly first name basis.

Richard & Amanda were a pleasure to meet & more than welcoming this newbie to to an old traditional way of smoking!

 Cherry Vanilla smelt good enough to eat so 37.5grams was piled onto the scales for me and I was on my way.

Other days were being filled getting back to my old routine of writing my Journal most evenings and are more pleasurable now more than ever after I finished making my own writing slope come case!
There's nothing really on the market that accommodates exactly what I was after in a writing slope so it I gave it a bash myself in making my own.

Simply knocking bits of wood together isn't half as hard as I thought it would be!

Waiting for the lacquer to dry was probably the hardest part.

But soon enough ready to go!

Now onto making myself a smoking tray, something else which is not on the market!

Also looking forward to the start of summer bike rides now the girl & I have an ol' bike each.

 Mine being Chinese with the name "Golden Pigeon".

Zozo's being a Raleigh and lovingly being named the "Flying Rat"!

Here's to a sunny Spring time!

Dandy Lovings.


  1. Always so stylish. I've nominated you for an award - check out

  2. Why thank you, that's very kind!