Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Smoker's Spring

Thank the good lord for the Spring time! Cigarettes, cigars & pipes can now be smoked outside in the mild temperatures that are upon us! Rather annoyingly this week though I didn't manage to finish my smokers tray. Though getting all the spraying done the handles need much tinkering & precise drilling. I am happy at least that my Vesta "match strikers" are down & chrome match stand proudly sits in the centre. A few pictoral phases follow to the finishing stages I'm at.

From humble beginnings & a piece of measly MDF, the outline of the Tobacco boxes along with the smaller cigarette boxes for Rizla & tips.

Boxes down, sized correctly & covered with primer.

This was a tray that I'd decided to make around a month ago. My inspiration came from wanting to own some Art Deco Ronson Touch Tip table lighters to adorn my coffee table. However, I haven't been able to justify the $800 or so they regularly fetch! 

Still wanting  a central piece where I can roll, store & smoke my own roll up cigarettes it was along the theme of chrome with a black base that the idea of the tray was thought. Also I absolutely love the smell of matches & couldn't resist incorporating them aswell.

After 4 light layers of black gloss.

Vesta strikers in place, matches in their holder.

So hopefully by the end of  this week I shall have my meditative calm smokers tray to lazily roll, strike & smoke my way through some crisp morning & hazy dusks.

Other ups this week was coming across a most fabulous gentleman's accessory site which is named "Fine & Dandy".     The shop is run stateside & in our own true spirit also they partake in "Formal Fridays"! Any chaps who shun the dress down Friday norm that's been with us for far too long & which I'm sure effects productivity at work to say the least, will always be welcome on this site & the following photos tribute those Dandys who post in their photos on a weekly basis on the said day!





And from left to right, Kunle, Keith, Chibuike & Jason.

Though their site is well worth a look if you'r e after an accessory that will cut a dash, whether it be neckwear, hats or pocket squares. I don't think it'll be too long until I place an order myself!

And, possibly see if we, this side of the pond could join them in their quest that is Formal Fridays at Fine & Dandy.  I'm sure some regulars at Bar Italia Scooter Club in Soho, Central London wouldn't mind following the call. Take note El Presidente Nick The Bubbles!

The Bow Tie Friday could more than easily catch on!

Also I'd like to thank Miss Nicole Needles for awarding myself
the Stylish Blogger Award. I'd be pleased to pass on my nominees in the near future!


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