Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Snip On Saturday . . . . . .

The week started last Saturday, I had no intention of drastically changing anything when I awoke & breezed in to the HQ of Love From Hetty & Dave looking forward to meeting lots of new customers that the day would bring. Come mid morning I cycled down to my barber & once sat in the chair & removing my hat I commenced to say, " do as you wish". Which surprised him as much as myself.

Though I am fortunate enough to have a barber, who is not only a barber, but also a Lord!

Lord Jason "The Barber" Bailey.

And so I have begun to trust him implicity. He has noted my sway from a '60's Mod back to a '40's/'50's Chap in the last couple of months & so accordingly gave me a trim to suit my new attire. The girl says he's making me into a clone of himself! Well that wouldn't be a bad thing. He is known fairly well as a Dandy & never hesistates to place style before substance! So of course he could do as he wished with my locks!

 It met to the Girl's approval, thank God!

So the Brylcreem has been bought for the Swing nights that lay ahead!

Also, arriving from America this week was my cut-throat razor, from the Department store J.C.Vickery.

Being a collector of all sorts of luxury items from this store, which opened on Regent Street in 1899, it still looks as polished as it must've been some 100 years ago. Not daring to use it quite yet, a few "lessons" are booked in with The Lord before it cuts over my epidermis!

Staying closed for a while yet.

Since my transition back a decade or two, it seems as if a whole new world lays in front of me & it is it would seem, fairly daunting. One harsh lesson I have already learnt was from The Barber a few weeks back when attending a the 1940's event Swing For Victory. "I would never be seen dead in clip on braces" he piped. To me, while wearing a pair myself.  Lesson learnt.

So certain "rules" must be adhered to, so it is in the Mod lifestyle & so it's the way of the earlier Vintage enthusiast also. Mostly tongue in cheek, but fairly informative nonetheless I obtained a copy of The Manifaesto. By The Chap.

Not 11 pages in & a marvellous introduction to " The Sacraments Of Grooming".
"While showers are an excellent way of getting to know your privates during Military Service, they are not appropriate for civilian life.  A daily bath, taken immediately after a hearty breakfast, is an excellent way to mull over the tasks  ahead. After an hour or two in the bath, your pores should be open & your follicles primed for pruning. By now bathroom visibilty will be at a minimum, and you won't be able to see anything at all in the mirror,  let alone enough to scrape a cut-throat razor across your face. A very surprising , and very useful, chemical reaction seems to occur between the smoke produced by pipe tobacco & bathroom steam. Have a puff or two on your Briar and watch the steam miraculously clear, like the dawn mist lifting off the Amazon."

A Vintage suit was also purchased this week, complete with button braces! So for tomorrow's Formal Friday it'll probably be worn for the first time in the last 50 or so years. If anyone fancies being included in Formal Friday, all you simply have to do, is not dress down. Dress Up! Find the group on FB "Formal Friday In Britain". Feel free to even post your photos on there!

Also looking forward to the opening of a new Vintage Boutique tomorrow close by is that of "What Alice Found".

I don't think there could possibly ever be enough Vintage shops on this Island of ours, so wishing them all the best of luck for the opening tomorrow & to a busy weekend ahead!

The shop is in the Pokesdown area of Bournemouth on the Christchurch Road, & you can follow them on

Good luck girls!

Pip pip.

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