Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Could Fridays Go Formal?

 A couple of us on the South Coast have been going formal on Fridays, as opposed to the norm, dress down Friday which has been with us now since the mid 90's.  Rather than slouching into the weekend, we've preferred to dress up, strach our shirts & ladies have nipped their waists in, beehived their hair up & gone into  work all the more glamourous.

A few friend's of mine in London have responded saying that their place of business is of the same opinion, and have in fact stopped "dress down Fridays" altogether complaining of lack of motivation & productivity from staff because of the relaxed rules on the dress code for that day.

 I'm a firm believer of when I put on a starched, white, collar pin shirt, 3 piece suit & polished brogues I feel ever so much more "ready for business" than in anything else I wear. I',m even pretty sure, clients I converse with on the telephone can tell, by my manner, that I am properly attired.

So far, our group on  FB, "Formal Friday in Britain", which had it's first one last Friday, consists of myself & two gentleman, and my girl. All of us with Vintage attire! Our view point is, it's actually a good enough reason to dress up, just a little bit more than we would from the Monday through to Thursday! To show some versatility, able to express ourselves more through individual accessories and show a touch of flair & also our love for Vintage Clothes & the lifestyle itself.

So I put this out there to all of you Vintage lovers! Could Fridays go Formal? And are we, as Vintage enthusiasts, more likely than normal folk to participate?

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