Thursday, 24 March 2011

One March Week . . . . .

Tuesday was a glorious walk home in the sunshine with my handmade smokers tray, made by yours truly. To my amazing good luck even the Swan Vesta boxes fitted perfectly in place. Pipe & cigarette tobbacco tucked in nicely & Vesta strikers at the ready to be struck.

So upon the coffee table it awaits, to draw guests around to smoke in company.

With the wonder of Ebay how lucky I was to manage to win a perfect Geo F.Trumper Shaving Mug on Wednesday for next to nothing!

With the fanntastic illustration of "The Officer & A Gentleman" on.

A lifelong lasting inclusion to my shaving collection made by  probably the finest suppliers of Gentleman's fragrance & grooming products since 1875.

Also, a midweek call into the HQ of "Love From Hetty & Dave" for a gown to be poppered & adjusted so as to keep it in place whilst lounging!

And our Wednesday date night was a ride up the coast,  

Down past a couple of piers at no great speed, "I just like to potter along ain't it" the Girl quipped.

You can almost make out 4 days worth of moustacshe growth, a little did blow off, up the coast, when a stiff breeze picked up.

And here's to looking forward to tomorrow's "Formal Friday".  Of which the hosts Fine & Dandy go against the slouchiness of those who choose to dress down. We'll be including a few photos from Chaps of these shores on their site & the more the merrier! So please feel free to post yours if you so wish!

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  1. wow the tray is awesome! im also in love with the 1920's and dressing formal. you gave me motivation to start dressing formal every friday!
    i would like to make the tray like yours one day